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Fly the armed helicopter meteor kind of Huang kind from the beginning the crest once flew, the rocket played, the anti-tank guided missile continue but, blast open a way firework.First what to hurtle a pool is more than ten air cushion landing barges, this kind of is called the LCAC large amphibious air cushion landing barge of China at basketball uniforms for sale publish of beginning then drive vision the sharp world military critic see as land a warship with 071 class dockyards, 072 class the amphibious attack warship constitute together of future Chinese navy's deep-sea troops hurl send to strength to constitute part.Is supple of once ordered a beachhead, cross in multiple layers baffling, suddenly accelerate of the air cushion landing barge had been hurtling into deep prescription of the Japan's Imperial Army's defense line to just stop a step.

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A few landing barges are shot to light a fire, the thick smoke is billowing.Several'strong-10'attack machine crest wear the thermodynamic power of Japan's Imperial Army's fieriness, the low altitude gets into and beat dumb guard a few artillery battlefields of soldier, though have a very thick armor protection,still have is two'strong-10'be hugged since then by the Feng of gunfire to beat of soar to the skies an explosion.

A 63 D type land-and-water amphibious tank drive keep shooting since then anti-tank shell to in the clout, although be not ruined by the shot, the passenger is also shaken of seven Huns are eight vegetables.A captain military officer is stupidCompare and row, signal hint and temporarily beat the Tan leaves quickly in the tank on the beachhead and has never waited until this 63 Ds and hobbles and leaves, a hair roar and shout and hit and fall of 203 millimeters of Gao Bao killed harm to play to then and accurately in the clout this unlucky tank, the whole trolley connect take just in the in command of captain, also have a classes of neighborhood all disappear in the firework of big regiment.


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